Music Tuition

Play - Compose - Perform

Have you always wanted to play an instrument?

Begin today - There are no rules as to what is the right age to begin music lessons, and it doesn't matter what instrument you want to learn first, you just need to be given the opportunity. The most important thing is to simply be exposed to music as much as possible in a free and fun environment.

My unique and highly creative methods inspire both children and adults to discover the music within and find the confidence to explore their instruments. This makes my lessons engaging and confidence-building.

Lessons are individualised for each student, catering to goals and ambitions. Lessons are fun and exciting and you will always leave knowing new and interesting musical techniques and information.

Individual and group music tuition and workshops are always creative and fun and are based on building confidence. It is an experience that enriches all areas of development and even rehabilitation.

Services and Fees

Teaching - Piano - Harp (Celtic/Folk and Lever) - Ukulele - Mandolin - Acoustic Guitar - Bass Guitar - Voice (Solo & Choir) - Recorder - Piano & Button Accordion - Cello - Percussion - Composition - Improvisation - Songwriting - Musical Theatre Craft - Musicianship/Theory - Performance Mentoring.

If you are struggling to find a music teacher for a particular instrument that I have not listed above, I am still more than happy to assist you in your musical journey. Especially to get you started, so please feel free to contact me.

One On One Lessons For Children and Adults

I travel to your home in Warwick, Killarney, Yangan, Tannymorel, Mount Colliery and surrounds. This is a convenient way to comfortably learn. This saves a lot of running around after school or work for you.

To learn well and get the most out of yours and my time,  Here are the important things we will need.

  1. Creating A Learning Space -  A quiet environment is crucial, so that your child or yourself and your teacher can concentrate. Aural skills (ear-training) is a fundamental facet of learning music, so being able to hear well and focus at all times will ensure progress.  A seperate quiet room is ideal, but if not, the living room area is ok, as long as distractions can be minimal. I understand this can be tricky with much younger siblings, especially when they are so inquisitive. it is natural for them to be fascinated and want to watch their big sister or brother and it can be a learning time for them too, it is natural for young ones, as it can inspire their own musical interest, so if they are very keen to watch, perhaps they can be supervised being still and quiet for just a few minutes, then supervised away from the lesson for the rest of the time, then this will create a harmonious and more productive lesson for your child or yourself. 
  2. Have Your Own Instrument - It is important to have an instrument of your own, that way you can practice and enjoy it of course. If you have an old guitar or stringed instrument needing strings for example, I am very happy to assist you to get your instrument ready to play. I can also recommend the right instrument for you, if you are looking to buy one.  
  3. For very young students -  I like to give young ones especially, an ‘instrument experience’ by bringing along different ones for them to try and learn about, in the first few lessons. This way it exposes them to more musical inspiration and not only makes them more knowing what they are drawn to, but makes it fun too. It also means that you will soon know what instrument you do need to purchase for their musical journey. Learning across different instruments enhances musical development.
  4. Instrument Hire - Apart from piano's, I have a few different instruments you can hire from me weekly, for up to 2 months, until you get your own.
  5. Pianos - It is very important to know that a piano and a keyboard are two completely different beasts and are not related to each other in any way. If learning piano is the goal, then you must have your own piano. This means either an acoustic upright (or grand) piano or an 88 key ‘electric piano’ including pedal. A smaller electric keyboard with various exciting sounds and snazzy beats is not a path to learning piano or music.   

Monday to Thursday lessons are between- 8am- 6.30 pm


30 min Lesson - $30

60 min Lesson - $60

Paid weekly or fortnightly cash or direct debit.

  • I offer discounts for more than one student in one household.

I also offer adult online zoom lessons if you are out of the area.

Children and adult groups

During school holidays, I conduct half-day group music workshops, where students come together to have fun with musical games, art, and creative ensemble composing.

Creative Workshops - $25 pp

Children's Choir 45-60mins- $10pp

Adult's Choir + 60-120mins- $10pp


Experience and Qualifications

40+ years of musicianship, composition, and performance.

The Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Music and The Arts 96

New England TAFE - Screen and Media Dip 2009

Education Assistant Cert III - 2018

Southern Cross University - Bachelor - Contemporary Music Session 1 2019

ABN - 76766310225 ✔

Insurance - Aon ✔

WWC Check NSW ✔ Blue Card QLD ✔

NDIS Worker/National Police Check ✔

Current First Aid/CPR ✔

About Me

My experience as a musician, songwriter, composer and multi instrumentalist, covers at least 45 years. One of the youngest in a large family, rounds were always sung to entertain ourselves while washing up dishes. From my first musings on the family piano, accordions, recorders, guitars and percussion instruments I was surrounded with. To playing in ensembles, choirs and bands in high school and going on to learning traditional classical theory. I attended the Northern Rivers Conservatorium of Music and the Arts in my late 20's which was jazz based, majoring in keyboard and vocals. I went on to perform in both folk and pop bands on keyboard, bass guitar, accordion, vocals and other instruments. I participated in many choirs and accompanying symphony orchestras. I have been involved in some huge musical productions like Les Miserable, Orpheus In The Underworld, Sweeney Tod and many more. I played the female lead 'Marion' in The Music Man.

Touring the UK, Ireland and Scotland 2007, inspired me to spend more time there where I worked as a restaurant pianist 2010-12 in Edinburgh UK, in between performing around England, Scotland and Ireland solo. 

I started private music teaching in 2014 and completed a Cert III in Education Support and began group lessons in primary schools and workshops. I have worked with children and adults through NDIS to achieve their musical goals and ensure their participation in community. It is a great joy for me to encourage and help others of all ages find the music in themselves. Music is not a competitive sport. It is a fundamental part of us being human.

For more information, please get in touch with me via the Contact page of this website.