"The sound of the harp is colour dancing and magic forming. The harp is an icicle, an unfurling flower, a sunbeam, a storm, a deep sea, a calm breath." Lissa-Käthe

I am a Celtic/contemporary harpist, pianist, composer, singer-songwriter, and producer. Added to my harps and piano, I also play a myriad of instruments in my creations, including guitar, recorder, cello, bodhrán, fretless bass, bells & percussion, high hat, accordions, synth and all vocals.

I am Australian born with strong Irish ancestry with a little bit English/Scottish and European.  All of these influences come alive in my music.  As well as my original works, I arrange traditional pieces and set poetry to music. My compositions range from tender, graceful solo pieces, to full orchestral soundscapes. My compositions are layered, rich, emotive, and moving.

Solo on the harp & looping, I create mellifluous melodies and rhythmic tunes of Celtic flavour, and I can create sounds of an entire ensemble, all with just one instrument. My 36-string concert lever harp.

 I am available for live performances for weddings, corporate events, education and sound spas. You can also book me as a solo performer or with an ensemble, for parlour gigs, concerts, and festivals.

Musicians wishing to collaborate with me are always welcome to get in touch. I love working with like-minded people to create new ideas.

With Catalina, my beautiful Comet, 36-string concert lever harp, I bring my individual style to an ancient instrument that has soothed us for thousands of years. I am paving the way to new experiences, and new expectations of the modern harp in Celtic and folk music.  


What a fantastic time performing at CelticFest Warwick 2023 !!

This was a spectacular event and I thoroughly enjoyed playing for such an enthusiastic crowd.


New single - KOALA

Released 9th Jan 2022

This is a harp, vocals, and old accordion lament. This song is dedicated to the koala and its place in the fragile ecosystem here in Australia. With moving lyrics by author Scott Rawstorne, who has written over 400 paddling guides for the river systems around Australia and has witnessed the koala's sad decline over the years.

*** I am donating 50% of each purchase of 'Koala' to Friends of The Koala to support their work in rescue, rehabilitation, and koala food tree plantations.


Click on the image to listen and purchase.







Single Review - Little Fall Of Rain - Lissa-Käthe

By Steve Sheppard One World Music Radio

Lissa-Käthe has grown so much as an artist over the years, in fact, it has been beautiful to watch, and now as a harpist with a sensitive touch, and colourful flair, it is fantastic to see her touch the ecological side of her make-up with this brand new single Little fall Of Rain 

Her vocals on this new offering are more empowered and more confident than ever before, and the subject matter is so relevant and extremely important; taking care of our mother is the most important thing ever of course, and Lissa-Käthe drives that message home with this most delightful new song.

The textures of tone, instrumentation, vocals and natural sounds are all perfectly balanced for a sublime musical experience, and as such I see this becoming a big hit for the artist on the charts.